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Educational and Vocational Guidance and Diagnosis Research Group

Research lines:

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of competences and qualifications in Educational, Personal and Professional Guidance.
  • Analyse of creative and guidance needs in the School and Professional environment.
  • Evaluation of services and programs of Educational and Professional Guidance.
  • Exploration of skills and professional development of School and Professional Guidance Counselors, especially in ICT.
  • Diagnostic assessment of guidance intervation in support of educational and socio-professional diversity.
  • Evaluation and orientation of the quality and excellence of educational and socio-professional centers.
  • Diagnosis and guidance of counseling functions and programs in educational and socio-professional contexts.
  • Analysis and development of transversal and creative skills in education and in the professional field.


Ana I. Couce Santalla

Cristina Ceinos Sanz

Elena Fernández Rey

Miguel Nogueira Pérez