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Typology of Sessions

The content of the conference is organized around different types of sessions. These are complemented by a cultural program that will serve as a complementary meeting point to the strictly academic event.

Plenary Conference

It will be concerned on the presentation of the main subjects by leading professionals in the field of guidance.

Stuctured Script

It follows a proactive and moderated participation modality according to a pre-established script oriented to decision-making. Diverse scenarios are exposed to promote critical reflection.

Panel of Experts

It consists of independent and reputable experts in at least one of the fields concerned by the program. They are assembled to deliver a collective and consensual judgment on the program.


The suggested participation modality is the central axis of the Conference. It involves experts from the counseling field who will address several issues. The experiences and research carried out by its members will be discussed with special attention.

In the context of each symposium, some lectures will be selected and presented according to the subject lines of the conference.

Poster Display «Poster Library»

It focuses on interactive communication among participants through the poster as content for debate and reflection on career guidance. A monetary prize will be awarded to the best poster in each of the subject areas.