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Wellcoming Event

Welcome President of the Conference


Dear colleagues, 

As President of the Organizing Committee and on behalf of all its members, I am pleased to invite you to participate in the II International Conference on University Guidance (CIOU 2021) under the slogan “Good orientation, good choice // You choose, you decide”, organized by the University of Valladolid.   The Conference will take place on September 1, 2, and 3 of 2021, and at the Faculty of Education and Social work, on the Miguel Delibes campus in Valladolid. Initially, the scheduled dates were from September 2 to 4, 2020 but, for reasons of COVID19, we were forced to modify dates. We hope this will be of your liking and you are willing to join us.  

After the outstanding reception of the I International Conference celebrated in Zaragoza in 2018, we are looking forward to seeing them here to share their experience and professional career in the field. Career orientation before, during, and after Higher Education will be the object of analysis among professionals, researchers, and students of our institutions.  

The possibilities of participation in the Conference may be carried out through symposium, lecture, and or poster presentation.  

 We hope to count on your participation. 

 Receive a cordial greeting. 


Luis Carro Sancristóbal

President of CIOU2021

Welcome Chairman of the Executive Committee of the International Congress for University Guidance


The main goal is to create an international meeting point in order to debate, consider and share experiences about the main topics and fields of University Guidance that would contribute to an improvement in the Quality of University Education, and ultimately, of society too. The first International Congress for University Guidance (CIOU2018) was organized in Zaragoza University.

Due to the approval from the different parties related to Education, such as the Education Administrations, University Quality Evaluation agencies, advisers, students and experts from the educational field and educational research, the Executive Committee of the International Congress for University Guidance was created. Its aim is to give continuation to the International meeting point regarding the University Educational Guidance which had been created previously. The challenge is to celebrate CIOU every two years, however, the second Congress has been postponed due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The responsible to take up the challenge of organizing the II CIOU has been Valladolid University (UVa), that under the slogan: Buena orientación, buena elección // Tú eliges, tú decides” (Good guidance, good choice // You choose, you decide), will hold the II International Congress of University Guidance (CIOU21). Luis Carro Sancristóbal, as chairman of the Organizing Committee, and an excellent team, will carry out this task.

It is a pleasure to share this international meeting point where will discuss, consider and share experiences about the main topics and fields of University Educational Guidance.

See you all at CIOU2021.


Pedro Allueva Torres

President of Executive Committee of CIOU